Bring your vision to life for your outdoor patio, covered deck, pergola, awing, and any structure that you want to enclose with a retractable motorized screen. There are unlimited color options along with 12 Standard Options. Over 100+ different patio screens to choose from. NW Natural Lighting is here to help you transform your outdoor space.


Add new dimensions to your home with retractable motorized screens. Over 29+ years of experience installing we have partnered with the top manufacturers to ensure longevity in the motorized retractable screens backed by outstanding warranty. The motorized patio screen can span openings up to 25 feet in width and 25 feet in height.


NW Natural Lighting provides free in-home design consultations to showcase the options available to you. The Retractable motorized screens are customizable and have many different styles to choose from.
motorized retractable screens

Control at the touch of a button

motorized retractable screens

Control at the touch of a button

Add new dimensions to your home or commercial space with the Mirage Horizon 4800 retractable screen system. The H4800 screen spans openings up to 22 feet in width and 16 feet in height and can transform any covered space into an outdoor extension of your home.

These large retractable screens will change the way you use your recreational space or garage by adding comfort while keeping insects and pests out.

Utilize the Horizon 4800 screen to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home by shading your patio and interior rooms with advanced solar screens.

retractable screens

Transform any Covered space into an outdoor oasis

Add new dimension to your home and create a four season room, or enclose your patio for endless al fresco dining. The Mirage Horizon 4800 retractable screen can help turn a garage, porch, gazebo, balcony or any space into a luxurious extension of your home.

retractable screen

Protection from bugs and sun

Enjoy the comfort of fresh air without the nuisance of bugs or damaging sun. Don’t let insects or the glaring sun bother your or your guests when you want to enjoy your outdoor space. Reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home by shading your patio and interior rooms with advanced solar screens. Various fabrics can be utilized to eliminate anywhere from 60% – 95% of the sun’s rays.

retractable screens

Great design at great price

The Mirage Horizon 4800 is constructed with robust engineering and innovative craftsmanship. A heavy weight-bar guarantees smooth operation, and is balanced with heavy-gauged extruded aluminum to ensure sturdiness.  With over 40 fabric options and endless potential you can  enjoy the comfort of your backyard living space without breaking the bank.

retractable screen

Options to Create a Truly Custom Product

Standard and custom color options are available for Horizon 4800 retractable screens to help blend in with your home’s décor.

Disclaimer: Colors may not appear exactly as shown. Contact NWNL for proper color samples.  Please note an additional charge applies to our designer and custom color program(s).

40 screen fabric options and colors are also available so that you get the protection and look that you are after.

4 insect control fabrics

16 sun control fabrics

2 privacy fabrics

7 blackout fabrics

11 vinyl options

Step 1. Call in and schedule a free in-home consultation for motorized screens.

Step 2. During the in-home consultation, discuss the motorized retractable screens and demonstrate the features and benefits.

Step 3. Provide a quote for the motorized retractable screens and services. Schedule a date of installation once you are ready to move forward.

Step 4. It is our goal not to bug you. To provide a great service, we like to follow up with clients for additional questions or to schedule installation.

Step 5. We provide a quick turnaround time from scheduling to installation normally around 5 days depending on how custom the motorized screen.

Step 6. Provide installation services for motorized retractable screens and ensure customer satisfaction. Includes outstanding warranties!

Step 7. Follow up with customers after installation to ensure customer satisfaction.
By going with our company, you can rest assured that you will get the best products and services at a great price, making life easier for you.