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The Perfect Awning For Your Home

With 5 different series, and a total of 13 models available, we're sure we can help find the perfect Awning to best fit your home and your needs.

Fabrics & Frames

Compliment your home's aesthetics perfectly with over 100 fabric colors, patterns, and textures to choose from as well as a multitude of casing colors

Premium Features Available

With features like solar power, drop screens, and automatic wind/motion sensors on select models, you can maximize your Awning's functionality

Industry Leading Quality

We choose awnings that boast industry-leading aluminum frames and powder coating, along with long lasting warranties to back it up!

SummerSpace Awning Series

What's the difference?

Long story short, you really can't go wrong! Price range and the availability of options will vary from one shade series to the next. But, all of the SummerSpace Awning Series are manufactured with premier methods and materials. Our field experts are perfect resources to help you select which awning style works best for your budget and needs.

Awning Cassette Options

The awning cassette is the housing that encases your retractable awning when it is not in use. They come in different configurations depending on the level of protection desired:

Traditional (Open)

No Cover of Roller

Traditional awnings, sometimes referred to as open awnings, are considered the basic model. The awning operates largely the same when deployed, but when retracted the fabric roll is left open to the elements without cover. 

Traditional awnings are best utilized when a feature of the home, like wall projections or overhanging roofs, can protect the roll in lieu of a cassette.


Partial Cover of Roller

Semi-cassette awnings are an intermediate option between open and full-cassette awnings. They feature a protective cover, or "cassette," that partially encloses the retractable fabric when the awning is retracted. This cassette helps shield the fabric from dirt, debris, and harsh weather when not in use, prolonging its lifespan. However, the fabric still remains partially exposed even when the awning is fully retracted.


Full Enclosure of Roller
Full-cassette awnings offer the highest level of protection for the retractable fabric. They feature a fully enclosed cassette that completely covers the fabric when the awning is retracted. This provides maximum protection against dirt, moisture, and UV rays, helping to maintain the fabric's appearance and durability over time. Full-cassette awnings are often considered the most aesthetically pleasing option, as they create a sleek, streamlined look when closed. They are also ideal for locations with harsh weather conditions, as they offer superior protection to the fabric and mechanisms.

Features & Options

Awnings With Drop Shades

This add-on is actually a favorite among our customers; awnings with drop screens! With this unique setup, customers get maximum shade protection from the sun when it drops low in the sky. There are almost a dozen drop screen materials to choose from for your awning. You can opt for a neutral choice that is a direct match, or something bold to accent your awning color.

With just the touch of a button, your rechargeable battery operated motor will silently extend or retract your drop screen attached to your awning. 

Quality Awnings Built to Last Generations

Not all retractable awnings are created equal. We use a chain, rather than a cable system. Chains are made up of interconnected metal links, which provide a higher level of tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear compared to cables. Our chain-driven mechanism distributes weight more evenly across the entire length of the chain, reducing the likelihood of sagging or uneven retraction.

SummerSpace backs up their quality with a warranty to match even.

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Durable Fabrics With Extensive Selection

SummerSpace awnings utilize marine-grade Tempotest high-performance Italian fabric in your choice of over 100 stunning solids, stripes, textures and tweeds. 

Premier Teflon and Hi-Clean fabric coatings offer customers exceptional, low-maintenance care. These coatings make fabrics repellant to water, grease, and oil, while also protecting against formation of mold and fungus.

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How Do I Get My Awning Installed?

Review Quote

During your in-home consultation, our specialist will collect detailed measurements as well as desired screen materials and colors to put together an estimate for your review.

Install & Enjoy

Scheduled at your convenience, our installers will make sure the awnings are perfectly fit to your home, and will review accessories such as remotes. Our installers are the best in their field, as are our product warranties!

How Much Maintenance Is Required For An Awning?

This part is easy! SummerSpace™ utilizes a combination of superior engineering techniques and durable materials, creating a product with maximum longevity and minimal maintenance.

They use marinized Tempotest® fabrics treated especially to withstand countless years outdoors. Finished with enhancements such as Hi-Clean® and Teflon® Extreme fabric coating, the fabrics are waterproof and stain-resistant. 

Commercial Awnings

Your Local Awning Experts

NW Natural Lighting is a proud leader of awning sales and installations here in Western Washington. Our field experts and installers cover territories reaching as far north as Mount Vernon, and as far South as Olympia! 

If  you are interested in any type of window coverings for your home in the Greater Seattle Area, we are ready to help.

Interested in sampling our motorized retractable screens, or any of our natural lighting or ventilation products?  Visit our showroom in Edmonds! 

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