An Incredible Upgrade to your Skylights

It's time to replace your old, cracked, or leaky skylights

Clearly Superior Skylight Replacements

Custom fit performance, safety, and energy-efficiency

Say goodbye to those old, cloudy, cracked, and leaking skylights that have been diminishing the beauty and efficiency of your home. It's time for an upgrade that not only enhances your living space but also improves energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Don't let outdated skylights hold back the beauty and functionality of your home any longer. Upgrade to our top-of-the-line skylights today and experience the difference firsthand.

Please note that we specialize in the replacement of existing skylights; however, we also collaborate with general contractors and homebuilders to facilitate the incorporation of skylights into new construction projects.

Solatube HSE Performance Replacement Skylights

Solar-Powered Operable Skylights

Operable Skylight Tax 2Operable Skylight Tax 1

Dramatically change any room with natural light and a fresh breeze. The solar-powered skylight captures the sunlight and uses it to recharge a fully concealed battery and control center. The solar-powered skylight is easily adjusted with a remote. Because it is solar-powered, it qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit on product and installation. Our system has a built-in rain sensor that will shut the skylight automatically in the event that inclement weather begins.


Solar-powered operable design lets fresh air in
Tempered/laminated safety glass for hail/impact resistance*
Low-E glass blocks harmful UV light
High-performance dual pane glass for maximum thermal performance
Integrated thermal barriers minimize heat and cold transfer
The rain sensor automatically closes if rain is detected
Remote control for easy operation
Designed for maximum sound absorption
Qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit

Premium Fixed Skylights

Flat, architectural style and energy-efficient double panel glass (gas-filled) is much stronger and longer lasting than acrylic, and will not craze or crack. Looks beautiful on the exterior of the home, the sky is much clearer and more beautiful from the inside. Better sound absorption (rain, airplanes, etc.) and with high-performance thermal properties – it keeps heat in the winter and blocks heat in the summer.

Tempered/laminated safety glass for hail/impact resistance*
Low-E glass blocks harmful UV light
High-performance dual pane glass for maximum thermal performance
Integrated thermal barriers minimize heat and cold transfer
Designed for maximum sound absorption

Natural Sunlight - On Your Terms

Performance Skylight Shades

Introducing Solatube's exclusive skylight shades, designed to elevate the aesthetics of your home with their attractive non-woven pleated polyester fabric and sleek powder-coated aluminum frame. These shades offer not only contemporary beauty but also provide you with precise control over your lighting preferences. Easily adjustable by hand or using our lightweight 16-foot telescoping pole, they cater to your convenience. Available in both standard and custom sizes, our shades offer versatility to suit any space seamlessly.

Glass Options to Suit Your Needs

Clear Glass

The Solatube Clear Glass skylights boast a construction comprising dual-plane laminated safety glass and tempered outer glass, resulting in a crystal clear view of the nature and sky outside your home. With a sleek 'picture frame' design, these skylights offer a comprehensive thermal break, enhancing performance, elevating aesthetics, and providing increased flexibility in curb positioning.

SoftLight Glass

Solatube SoftLight Glass provides beautiful diffused natural light by reducing glare and spreading light evenly. Our SoftLight Glass Technology provides energy star level heat reduction for maximum thermal performance and comfort. SoftLight Glass gently diffuses daylight that reflects heat and washes your space with brilliant natural light while maintaining privacy where you need it.

Clearly Superior Skylight Technology

Performance and Safety

The Solatube HSE Performance Series glass assembly comprises a dual-layered design featuring a Low-E (low-emissivity) tempered glass pane and a laminated safety glass pane, ensuring both impact protection and security. With a 14mm insulated spacer housing Argon gas, it effectively reduces the infiltration of infrared and ultraviolet light, as well as minimizes glare passing through the skylight. This results in exceptional thermal and sound performance, while also enhancing the aesthetic profile and durability of the skylight. The outcome is an energy-efficient and soundproof barrier to the outdoors, creating healthier and more comfortable indoor living spaces.

Weatherproof and Corrosion-Resistant

Ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal, our skylight frames are meticulously crafted from premium aluminum, fortified against corrosion. Through a rigorous powder coating process, we guarantee long-lasting protection against surface degradation while maintaining a sleek, attractive appearance on your roof.

Designed with precision, our frames boast optimal dimensions and overlap, facilitating effortless retrofitting and ensuring impeccable weatherproofing. Every aspect, down to the smallest detail, is engineered for resilience and longevity.

Furthermore, all fasteners utilized in the construction and installation of our skylights are specifically chosen for their non-corrosive properties, capable of withstanding even the most unforgiving elements. Rest assured, your investment is safeguarded against the passage of time and nature's forces.


Reduce Your Home's Carbon Footprint

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the HSE Performance Series is equipped with energy-efficient glazing and a PVC thermal break. This innovative design not only enhances the interior aesthetics with its decorative finish but also serves as a formidable barrier against heat or cold transfer between the indoor environment and the aluminum frame. Experience unparalleled energy efficiency, as the transfer of temperature is nearly eradicated, ensuring optimal comfort and cost savings.

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