Railing Styles

NNL Precision Railing is your one stop shop for your aluminum railing needs! We offer a wide variety of different railing systems, all designed to be sleek, modern and durable. We have been installing aluminum railing systems in the Great Seattle Area for over 20+ years and have seen the amazing impact these can have on a home! NNL Precision Railing installers are employees of our company, meaning they install these railings every day and are incredibly well versed in the product.

Our mission is to bring your project vision to life. Every step of the project we will help guide you until the completion of your vision. We are here to provide you with a quality long-lasting product and professional installation. Check out our aluminum railing options below.

Railing project information is available by request – if you are a contractor or or home builder, contact us today! If you are a homeowner seeking a residential railing project, first see our list of preferred contractors, and have them reach out to us directly.

Vertical Picket

Picket railings are among the most popular design for outdoor railings. Easy maintenance and a variety of options for color, picket size, and style this option is cost effective and one that we install often. Welded picket systems provide excellent structural integrity and stand up to our NW weather.

Glass Railings

Glass railing systems are the best of both worlds. Welded aluminum frames with structural integrity surrounding glass providing clear, unobstructed views. In the NW we treasure our outdoor spaces and being able to see them clearly from any vantage point is always the goal.

We have many options; from incorporating decorative top rails to going totally glass with some of our innovative modern options. We have something to fit your application.

Mixed Railings

Mixed railing systems are a very popular application on projects that feature the use two or more styles or railing to enhance the look of your home! Why go with just one railing style? 


Instead of making the hard choice of one railing or the other, combine the two railing styles to bring your vision to life. We can create a seamless transition between the different styles to create a unique, yet uniform design.  


Horizontal Railings

Horizontal Picket systems are a great choice, a classic look with a modern twist! Benefitting from our continuous top rail and welded aluminum system these rails give you a clean and consistent look. All of our railing systems are able to either be surface or facia mounted, which makes them great for stairs, landings or even out on a deck! All aluminum railing systems can be customized with any of our top handrail options, or we can leave a flat bar, allowing you to choose what type of cap you would like to add afterwards!

Cable Railings

Cable railing is one of our most popular applications. This railing system provides a modern look, with sleek cables that enhance both the interior and exterior of your living spaces. Enhance your deck or patio area with cable railings that help secure the area but will not take away from your view. Modernize the interior of your home making old boring staircases a beautiful focal point of your interior design.

Built to last with little to no maintenance these systems are a great way to add a stunning, contemporary feel to your home!

Infinity Glass

Infinity glass railings are one of the most popular options for those who want to have as much of a view as possible! This railing system consists of posts and glass only. Leave your view untouched with this system. All you see are sleek low-profile posts spaced out every four feet, and the beautiful views behind the glass panels! The glass even rises slightly above the post which gives it the beautiful infinity look. There are multiple options for the posts as well.

Shoe Base Glass

This system is a one of a kind and rated the best for views. Shoe base glass takes modern to the highest levels. If you are in the process of building/remodeling your home, there are options to where you can recess the shoe and all you see is the glass coming out of the floor creating an elegant feel to the home.

Custom Water Jetted Panels

Custom Water Jetted Panels allow you to take full control over the aesthetics of your railing system! Any design or style that you can imagine can be etched into the panels of your railing, ensuring you get the exact look you are going for. Custom Water Jetted Panels give any area a beautiful and elegant look, while still being made from the same durable long-lasting powder coated aluminum material!

Fencing and Gates

Fences and gates are a crucial part of any homes outdoor area, but most home’s feature basic wood systems. Upgrade the part of your home that people see first, when they arrive, with our powdered coated aluminum gates and fences! Modernize the exterior of your home and vastly reduce the amount of maintenance required.

One of the best parts about using powder coated aluminum gates and fencing is the vast array of different options. Ranging from simple yet sleek picket systems, to custom water-jetted panels that feature one-of-a-kind designs, the options are endless. Completely revamp the exterior of your home, and show off these beautiful systems, completely changing how people see your home!