The NW Natural Lighting Team

We started in 1994, a Contractor/Custom Home Builder, a Banker and a Manufacturing Engineer.  We discovered the Solatube brand product through a kitchen remodel and ordered one from the manufacturer, Solatube International, in California.  We then proceeded to bring the distribution of Solatube skylights to the state of Washington.  Our mission from the beginning was to sell a quality product, at a reasonable price, delivered with great service.  We are all about taking care of our customers, we love them and they love the bright light from the Solatube skylight!  We have dealers set up  throughout the State of Washington.  We sell the Solatube installed and as DIY kits to homeowners and also distribute to contractors, roofers and other businesses.

We realized diversification is good and added the Mirage retractable screen in 1997.  Another quality product with an installation our expert Solatube installers could do.  The screen company manufactured aluminum railing and they approached us to sell that as well.  So we dove into aluminum railing installations in residential homes. We quickly added commercial high rise condominiums, apartments and remediation projects.  We found a need for aluminum decks so we added aluminum decking to our product line.  We are thrilled to drive into Seattle and see our decks and railing on a building knowing the people that live there will have years of enjoyment on their decks.  We realized the importance of attic fans in our moist environment and we sold another brand until Solatube international introduced the Solar Star product.  Now the Solar Star solar powered attic fan is the brand of choice.

Our timeline

  • 1994 – NW Natural Lighting opens in Lynnwood.
  • 1997 – Retractable Screens are added to our product line.
  • 2003 – NNL Railings launches.
  • 2011 – We move to Edmonds!
  • 2018 – NW Natural Lighting joins the Beehaven Family.

Our commitment to being a growing and innovative company continued as NW Natural Lighting joined Beehaven Inc. With a continued commitment to family ownership and excitement for a new chapter the Hundeby family stepped into ownership of NW Natural Lighting in May of 2018. With a background in leadership and customer service we are excited about where the future will take NW Natural Lighting & NNL Railings.

We are committed to quality installations of our products by our qualified employees.  Our hope is for our installations today to be our references and referrals tomorrow.  We look forward to using our years of home improvement experience to help you enhance your home or project. The best part of our day is when our customers’ call telling us how much they love the service and products from us.  Excellent service, quality products with strong warranties, built to last in our northwest weather.  That’s our story; we invite you to call us today for a free consultation 425-744-1211 .