If you have been thinking of having solatube installed in your home, then you have come to the right place.   NW Natural Lighting is your premier Solatube Tacoma installer. We have been installing Solatube Lighting in Tacoma for decades and are your local Solatube experts!

Upgrading your electric lighting to the natural light provided by Solatube is a quick and easy process. We have installed Solatube Lighting in Tacoma in more homes than we can count.  Contact us and we can provide you a free estimate on what is needed for installation in your home.

Tacoma Washington, for those new to the area,  is a mid-sized city in Pierce County and it was originally called Takhoma. Tacoma has approximately 220,000 residents and has been named one of America’s Healthiest cities to live in. Tacoma is booming city and many residents have had NW Natural Lighting install Solatube.  This move to natural lighting may be related to Tacoma being named one of the “most walkable cities in the country”.

Most people are not aware that to install Solatube Lighting in Tacoma is usually a quick and easy process.  Most often only taking about 2 hours for installation. The Solatube System features a roof top dome and an advanced lens system to capture and refract natural light into your home.

Tacoma Solatube can even bring natural light into parts of your home that sunlight normally couldnt not reach before.  Millions of people have brightened their homes with the natural light of Solatube.  You can find homes all over Tacoma that have Solatube installed by NW Natural Lighting and we are also happy to provide references if you wish.

The advances optical system in the Dome of the Solatube System allows the capture of natural light from any direction.  Solatube System with difuser distributes the light evenly through the room.

Solatube Bathroom

Solatube Tacoma

Solatube Closet

Solatube Tacoma