Railing FAQs

How does the railing attach to my deck?

We offer both surface mount and fascia mount options for our railing systems to integrate with any project.

How much do railing systems cost?

Cost will vary with the design and the options you choose. We offer everything from a more simplistic picket railing, to custom railing dreamed up for your specific project! We install Picket, Cable, Glass; both indoor and exterior railing and we’re happy to work with you to find something that will enhance YOUR project.  We will create an individualized quote for your project and guide you through your options.

How far can I space the posts for my project?

Post spacing will depend both on the style (Glass, Cable, Picket), and design. We try and make our railing systems blend seamlessly with your home design, while keeping views, and always safety in mind. Post spacing will be laid out and approved by you and our railing manager before your project starts.

Do I need a bottom rail with my cable rail system?

You are not required to have a bottom rail with our cable system but a secondary fall restraint can be required. We will provide you with options for your application.

What railing heights are available?

We have several options on railing height.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we provide a warranty with every railing system we install. Please contact the railing manager for the specific warranty for your railing design.

What type of railing do you carry?

We purchase from several manufacturers depending on the project. The majority of our railing is powder coated aluminum but can be built in a wide selection of designs and options.


How do I go about ordering railing for my home?

Have your general contractor you are working with on your home remodel or home building project reach out to us directly at (425) 744-1211. If you are not already working with a general contractor, view our preferred vendor list for suggestions. These are fantastic contractors located in the PNW that we have worked with on previous projects – we know their quality and processes live up to our standards.


Can I view railing samples in-person?

We do have some railing samples available, by appointment. After we have been in touch with your contractor, we can schedule an appointment to walk through railing options that have been pre-determined to meet your needs.


Is there a minimum project size?

In short, yes, but it varies by product and railing type. A quick conversation with your contractor can help us determine if you meet our project minimums. Have them call us today at (425) 744-1211.