1.  What is a Retractable Screen? 
Screens that disappear into a compact housing that doesn’t interfere with window or door functioning. You only have a screen for your door/window when you need it. The screen is extended from the housing and kept in place by a magnetic latch that easily retracts with the aid of a spring-loaded roller tube inside the unit housing.

2.  How durable is the Mirage Brand Retractable Screen?
Mirage operates virtually service call free day after day, year after year. Mirage Screens do not have the problems associated with mediocre or flimsy quality brand retractable screens. Mirage screens have been built to last.

3.  Can a Mirage Retractable screen work on my door?
Yes! Mirage Retractable Screens can be made to fit almost any door or window application, including in-swing and out-swing doors. Mirage Screens are also available for French/double doors and sliding glass patio doors. We can custom install a Mirage Screen to door heights up to 108” and door widths up to 55” or 110″ for a French door.

4.  There are so many retractable screens on the market – why should I choose Mirage?
The Mirage Brand is a quality, durable, retractable screen that has a powder coated aluminum casing, fiberglass mesh screen, easy to clean track, and can be customized for almost any application in your home. Our company has been installing them since 1997 with great success and thousands of happy customers.

5.  How much does it cost?
Mirage Retractable Screens are very competitively priced without sacrificing quality, a high level of customer service or skilled installation. Because each screen application is unique and custom made to fit, so we will need to ask you a few questions about your screen solution before providing a *quote over the phone. Yes, over the phone!
*Please note that some screen solutions may require a visit to your home before a quote can be provided.

6.  Can my screen be re-screened if my dog or friend runs into it by accident?
Yes. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment with you.

7.  Will a Mirage Retractable Screen reduce my air conditioning bill?
Yes! A Mirage Screen will allow you to increase the flow of fresh air into your home – a natural cooling solution is the most energy efficient method. A better ventilated home will not only cut energy bills but also will feel more comfortable.

8.  How easy are Mirage Retractable Screens to clean and take care of?
The track for the Mirage Retractable Screen is no more difficult to clean than a traditional screen. We suggest that you vaccum out the track and wipe it down as needed to prevent debris from getting rolled up in the mesh.

9.  Will a Retractable Screen stay closed if a pet or child brushes up against it? 
Mirage offers a secure latch system that is 3 times stronger than what is offered by our competitors. You can be assured that your Mirage Screen will remain closed!

10.  Do Mirage Retractable Screens have a lock option?
Yes. We have a lock system for single and French/double doors.

11.  My front door is a focal point of my home- what colors do you have available?
We offer several standard AND designer colors. We can help you choose a color that matches your entry way décor.

12.  Can I replace my rickety, dirty sliding screen door with a Retractable Screen?
Certainly! Installing a Mirage Retractable Screen on a sliding glass door is a very popular application. Your Mirage Retractable Screen will be installed on the stationary panel in the center. When you want a screen door, simply pull the retractable screen over to cover the opening, otherwise it is retracted and not obscuring your view and getting in your way.

13.  Can I use a Mirage Retractable Screen on the door between my garage and house?
This is a very popular screen solution. This type of screen system works so much better in this particular location of the home compared to a conventional screen door. Instead of having to always go through two separate doors with a load of groceries or a sleeping child, you only have one door because your Mirage Screen is retracted when you are not using it.

14.  How are Mirage Retractable Screens installed?
Because every Mirage Screen is custom made for an application, Mirage is a professionally installed screen system. In the case of an in-swing door application, the screen will either be installed inside the door jamb or outside  on the door’s trim. For out-swing doors, the screen will be installed inside of the home.

15.  What sort of warranty do you offer for Mirage Retractable Screens?
Mirage offers a one year warranty on parts and labor and a limited lifetime warranty on all parts (screen mesh specifically excluded) under normal wear and tear.