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Just want to say what a great experience it has been working with you.  The railing is perfect thanks to your suggestions.  The estimate was well detailed, the product is so high quality, and the installation was smooth and fast.  Thank you so much for all of your help and your lovely professionalism.  Now I’m hunting for more places I can have railings!  Well, there aren’t many opportunities in my little place, but I will happily refer anyone I know to you and will call on you again if I do ever need more railings
– Martie S.

We can see the light!!! We live in a 3-story townhouse and had Solatubes installed upstairs in our hallway and bathroom. Our experience working with NW Natural Lighting was a thoroughly fantastic experience.
– Rebecca V. (Yelp)

NNL Railing was detailed and professional throughout out the “seamless process” which included a fantastic referral for some deck repair work that needed to be done prior to the installation of our beautiful new deck railing. All of our questions or concerns during the process were all handled in a timely manner.My wife and I are very particular about how our home looks and functions which is why we chose NNL Railing. As a 38 year Professional Realtor I can say with confidence that our new deck railing added to the current value and future marketability of our home. Referring them to friends, family, and my valued clients will be an easy choice to make in the future.
– Dan Tomasek, WA

“Last week we installed a 14” in our TV room (no glare). I can read or knit w/o the light on! We put a 10” in the kitchen… could have used a 14”… but it made a huge difference. No lights need to be on in the daytime; even on cloudy days! We started with a hallway what a difference! ”
– Bonnie & Les, WA

Solatube is excellent. I installed 7 solatube in my dark house and its absolutely lit up now. This was one of the best investments I made. NW Natural Lighting is the only authorized dealer for Solatube brand. I have installed all kinds of Solatube, including the one with dimmer, with light, with exhaust fan and of course the regular one. These guys are awesome.
– Prit P. (Yelp)

“We love our new screen door. The installer did an amazing job and was very professional. We would highly recommend your company.””
– Mark & Sue, Snohomish, WA

We installed a solatube in our very dark staircase/small landing area. It went from being a dark cave to being bright and cheery. I’m so so glad we got on board and had this thing installed. They’re much cheaper and far less prone to leaks and issues than traditional sky lights.
– Amber M. (Yelp)

“Ben, Your crew was here bright and early on Tuesday and did a wonderful job. Again, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your patience and assistance throughout this ordeal. When I am completely finished I will send you some photos or if you would like to have an excuse to get out of the office, we’ll have lunch on the deck. Thanks.”
– Brian, WA

Sue in the office was super helpful during my initial phone call.  She asked appropriate questions about my home to determine the correct Whole House Fan, Attic Fan and Screen Doors for my home.
-Jeff R (Yelp)

We had ten inch ones installed in the kitchen and the dining room with normal surround caps Classic Fusion; one 14″ in the Great Room with the Tier Drop and one in the front hallway.  We needed extensions due to the high roof.  Definitely brings natural light into these darker areas.  On bright days, we have to keep looking to make sure we didn’t leave a light on, kind of amusing!  We are very happy with the Solatubes and the installation.
-Andi C (Yelp)

“Beautifully. Smart, fast installation, and the results are awesome.”
– Jason K. (Angie’s List)

We got two 10″ solatubes installed in our dining room to add a bit of extra natural light to the space. They look great! It was really dark in this room before but now even on a cloudy day there is so much extra light and it is a nice soft light too. They also look like other recessed lights so blend well with our room. Really happy with the results and the install was a breeze!
-Randie B. (Yelp)

“An amazingly pleasant experience. Affordable, professional and thorough!!… I got a retractable screen custom fit to an oversized door. They sent samples, I made the selection and then the installer came out within the week!!…”
– Amy J. (Yelp)

Just purchased Solatube’s Whole House Fan through NW Natural Lighting…and we are BIG FANS!  We have a (whole house) air conditioner, but our home sits in full sun all day and our upstairs just doesn’t get cool enough for comfort during the summer months. Since we live in the Seattle area, my husband was skeptical that a whole house fan would be able to pay for itself with energy savings, but he is now convinced because we barely need to use our air conditioner at all anymore!  We just open a few windows in the early morning and in the evening, and run the whole house fan for about 30 minutes.  It sucks cool air in and blows the hot air out, quickly and quietly.  An added bonus is that it also can be used to eliminate odors such as new paint or cooking smells from our home! The NW Natural Lighting installer, did a great job of explaining the installation process and how to run the fan.  He was professional, polite, and left the installation area clean.  We are really enjoying being able to instantaneously bring fresh air into our home as well as appreciate the savings on our electrical bill!  The Solatube Whole House is a “cool” product – we recommend it highly!
-Kristy H (Yelp)

“My wife and I have lived in our Squak Mt. home for 10+ years and while we love the area, the older development in which we reside is heavily wooded. To put it bluntly, our home often feels like a cave!!! Since having 4 Solatubes installed it’s as if a new life has been breathed into the 40 year old bones of our home. We opted to add light kits to 3/4 tubes and it’s UNREAL what a 40w LED bulb gives off in the way of extra light once the sun goes down. Michael, Briell, Dawn and Chris (and the rest of the team) were all incredibly polite, professional and easy to work with. NW Natural Lighting is not just selling good product, but a great experience as well!

Hands down the improvement of the year – worth every single Penny!!”
Nate from Issaquah

I set up an appt. at a Home Show to have a solar tube tech come out to my house to explain the process of installation, sizes available, best location, prices, etc. The tech was on time, very knowledgeable and helpful to determine my lighting needs- After deciding I wanted 2 solar tubes installed, the tech installed them beautifully! In no time, my walk-in closet and bathroom were SO much brighter and cheerful! I absolutely LOVE them and would highly recommend them to anyone who would like to brighten any room naturally. Customer service was awesome too!
-Debbie J (Yelp)

“Just purchased Solatubes’s Whole House Fan… Since we live in the Seattle area, my husband was skeptical that a whole house fan would be able to pay for itself with energy savings, but he is now convinced because we barely need to use our air conditioner at all anymore!…”
Kristy H. (Yelp)

“We have had 4 Sola-Tubes for the past 14 yrs or so. The one in the inner Bath Turned a dark Hole into a bright room and even lit up our hallway. We Love them!”
– Louise W. Olympia, WA

Wow! What a difference in our hall bathroom – even on a cloudy day! Our Solatube was installed so quickly and quietly. When I first saw it “in action” the daylight was spilling into our hallway – just as much, if not more than the daylight from a south facing bedroom. It’s so nice not having to turn the light on. The really interesting thing is even though the Solatube is placed on the north side of the roof, the bathroom looks “sunny”. It must be the special roof feature capturing the light because our 2′ x 4′ traditional box skylight further down the roof was less light on that same day.
-Dawn M.

“Awesome light, light & more light. People think we have a light on especially GREAT when full moon – no night light needed LOVE this product”
– Dale & April, Puyallup, WA

We have had our solatubes for many years. We have them in both bathrooms with the exhaust fan being remote of the ceiling is so quiet that i had to put in timers or they would be left on. We have had guest ask how to turn the lights off when the exit the room.  Also a tip is to use a low wattage bulb in the fixture so the late night run wont blind you!!   We also have one in the main hall way. As for long term are first one was installed in the 1990’s And was no problem for the roofer to replace are roof in 2009.
-Chuck L. Yelp

“10 yrs after installing a Solatube each in my living room and kitchen. I still find myself checking to turn off the light (the sun!) Love them! ”
– Mehe & Bev, WA

“Our L shaped hallway was always dark, and the bath without a window. Both are daylight sun up to sundown love ours ”
– Fred & Marlen, Tacoma WA

“LOVE it! At times I look, who left the lights on? It’s the Solatube. Adds amazing brightness to a dark hallway.”
– Steve, WA

“I LOVE MY SOLATUBE!!!! There’s so much light in my kitchen now, it’s almost blinding compared to before!! I would definitely love to have more, but at a later date. I have told many friends, and they may be calling you too! Thanks!!!”
– Kathryn, Seattle, WA

“Ryan did a great job in this morning to install two Solatubes. The result was very nice! Natural light feels much better than florescent light. I want to thank Dawn and Ryan for bringing me more and better light.”
– Lee, Redmond , WA

“love the amount of light and the lighting effect as a result of our Solatube. We are very happy with the result as well as the service”
– Brooke, Woodinville, WA

“Looks great! Wife loves it. Installer was fast and efficient and answered all my questions.”
– Dan, Tulalip, WA

“The install went well. Your installer was very professional and he did a great job. My wife and I are very happy with the results.”
– John, Monroe, WA

“We are enjoying our daylight that we have now in our kitchen. I always think I need to shut the light off. Lol.Your installer did a great job. We are glad we purchased the Solatube 14”. Glad we went with 14″ instead of the 10″
– Darrell & Lori, Tacoma, WA

“Ryan are very professional and did a great job…we couldn’t be any happier. Thanks so much..”
– Deanne, Tacoma WA

“Hi Ben, Love the railing that Jeff and Joe installed. Thank you for getting this taken care of as quickly as you did. ”
– The Brooks, WA