Is the Solar Star Attic Fan quiet?

The Solar Star® Attic Fan features a brushless DC motor that reduces noise and lightweight, polymeric fan blades that minimize vibration. The result is whisper-quiet operation.

How does the Solar Star Attic Fan perform in extreme temperatures?

The Solar Star® Attic Fan is designed to work in the harshest of climates, from the scorching southwestern regions of Arizona and Texas to the frigid northern areas of Canada and Alaska. Featuring a Venturi design for maximum airflow capacity and durable polymeric fan blades for high performance and reliability, the Solar Star Attic Fan equalizes interior and exterior temperatures to safeguard your home against the extremes of summer and winter.

Do Solar Star Attic Fans run at night?

There are no batteries on Solar Star® Attic Fans that will store energy. Thus, they only run when daylight is available on the solar panel.

Does the Solar Star Attic Fan have an on/off switch or thermostat?

Attics are meant to be ventilated year-round, and the Solar Star® Attic Fan is designed to run whenever daylight strikes the solar panel. During the winter, proper ventilation helps prevent condensation from forming within the attic. If moisture does accumulate, it could cause significant heat loss from the home if the attic insulation gets wet. A cool, dry attic is the best solution for keeping heat inside during the winter. If your attic is properly insulated and moisture buildup is not a concern, but cold temperatures are, then the optional Solar Star Thermal Switch may be the solution for you.

What if I install a Solar Star Attic Fan on a section of the roof that doesn’t have all-day sun exposure?

The Solar Star® Attic Fan runs best when the solar panel is in direct sunlight. Although the unit will continue to operate in the shade (provided the sky is bright), it will run at a reduced speed. On a roof that is heavily shaded for most of the day, a Solar Star Roof Mount 1200 Add-on Panel is recommended. The extra panel can be placed up to 15 ft (4.5 m) away from the main roof unit—if possible, in an area that has all-day sun exposure—to boost performance.

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